10 Breathtaking Trends to Innovate your Digital Marketing

The digital world is continuously evolving, changing and adapting to uprising marketing trends. Businesses want to reach a multitude of customers and engage with them in order to design their products and services according to their needs. But what digital marketing companies like Touch Point aim for today is not just merely exposing the products and services to your consumers but also give them exciting additional options that go beyond multiple devices, platforms and even social media channels.

Below, we list some strategies that will innovate your digital marketing efforts.

Live Video Streaming
video marketing
With steady improvements in mobile connectivity and technology, videos are the most popular promotion tools in the digital arena. With loads of ads being placed on different mediums, it becomes tough for making a mark with simple mediocre video marketing tactics. Live Video Streaming with apps like Meerkat & Periscope helps in streaming live videos and also enable to post to communities on Twitter. This creates an instant connection as you are able to communicate with users, and interact with them directly.

Identity-based Pay-per- Click Advertising
payper click
Identity-based Pay-per- Click advertising tool by Google ensures you target only those who are on your mailing lists with ads regarding your products and services. This means you send advertisements to people who are actually in need of your services. Such marketing tactics help in promoting your brand as your content can go viral within your circle of consumers.

eCommerce and Search to go beyond Google to Facebook and Twitter
social networking
Imagine searching your products and services on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook is presently working on their own search engine to give its members an enhanced search functionality without relying much on Google. This gives the brand more exposure as companies will be able to communicate with their clients directly through Messenger app as well as consumers can also buy and receive notifications for their purchases and comment on the products as well. Instagram Advertising provides an all new dimension to paid advertising. It provides a great opportunity to its members to create attractive multi-page ads or short 30 second videos to capture the audience interests’ and sell products or promote them. Currently, this is not available to all but most likely to be implemented by the end of 2016.

Digital Tools and Wearable Technology
Today’s consumers show more independence on digital platforms and search for their favorite products on devices available with them. Digital marketers can take advantage of this situation and integrate services with wearable technology or apps to give consumers what they are actually looking for with the device on hand.

Snapchat is a video/photo messaging app that allows users to take pictures, record videos, add text to images and send them to their contacts. Exclusive marketing campaigns and teasers can be created with interesting offers but within a content limit and expiration date. Snapchat is slowly gaining a fan following with many companies embracing it as their promotion tool to make product and services reach a wider audience. Pinterest gives amazing buyable pins feature to its users but it is also about to introduce its new Animated Cinematic pins with which companies can now target specific individuals based on their interests.

Omni-channel Experience with Device Optimisation
Optimising campaigns across multiple devices brings a large amount of relevant traffic and exposes your brand to prospects viewing your campaigns on suitable devices, different time zones and various hardware.

Content Remarketing
Content Marketing really works as it is different from retargeting. Tag visitors who were interested in your services and had left without filling a form and again engage with them with content to remarket your products. Offer them something more attractive and awesome while they are watching some video or checking out their emails.

Consumers as your Brand Marketers
Make your consumers your brand promoters. If your friend tells you how amazing the products or services that he recently bought were, chances are that 95% you will believe it. Similarly, using your customer’s reviews as your content and promoting them on different marketing channels gives you the required exposure and success.