3 Amazing Social Media Tools For Setting Up E-Commerce Marketing Campaign

Social media can be really helpful at times, especially when a company is planning to drive its sales. In fact, it is not necessary to employ complex social media strategies to reap the benefits. Even by investing a limited amount of time, the right tools can help businesses derive more from strategically-designed social media campaigns.

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The same remains true for Shopify sites as well. There are certain effective social media tools that can help Shopify site owners have full control over their eCommerce marketing campaigns and help them find new opportunities to engage their prospective customers and drive sales from them.

It would be an understatement to say that Social Media Marketing Management space is empty without HootSuite. Offering everything that a typical social media manager needs, HootSuite acts as a simple tool that provides a platform for publication, monitoring, team collaboration and report generation. HootSuite displays all the social media accounts in multiple streams, which is preferred by a lot of users. The tool also has a mobile app that lets user manage their accounts on the go. HootSuite has free as well as paid plans that start at $9 per month.


Organize your multiple social media accounts
There is a reason why HootSuite is believed to be an important social media management tool. It is not just a scheduling tool for social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but it’s much, much more. Apart from adding regular posts and feeds to Twitter and Facebook, HootSuite can be used to manage as many as 35 different social networks at the same time.

Apart from regular posting, HootSuite allows you to see analytics, search for keywords and assess what’s trending currently. This can be of use, especially in the case you are trying to increase the Shopify business.

A user can start reaping the benefits by simply getting registered with their email or through their social media credential for Twitter, Facebook or Google+. The basic account is absolutely free, while a business account that lets you manage additional social media accounts can be purchased at a nominal cost of $9 per month.

Once registered, the user is directed to a quick start page where they can connect to their social media accounts that they want. HootSuite dashboard can be seen once the accounts are connected. It has a list of task to do that, lets users schedule a message, create a tab and add streams.

Adding a stream option lets users see what is happening across different social media networks. A basic plan lets you manage three social media accounts at the same time, while the business plan can handle up to 35 different accounts.

How to post on your networks
The message-composing feature of HootSuite allows you to post a message instantly or schedule it for another time. At the top of the HootSuite dashboard, you can compose a message and send it to anyone on a single social media platform or across selected or all social media platforms. You can also decide to change or remove the account that you wish to post to by simply clicking on an icon in the top box.

Post scheduling is one of the simplest and easiest features of HootSuite. It is a manager-friendly tool that lets you plan a post ahead of time and set a date and time for its publication. In addition, it is a great way to keep the social media account busy and engaged in a few clicks.

Messenger For Shopify
The Shopify messenger lets the Shopify site owners remain in direct touch with the customers through their Facebook account. The messenger allows the customers to ask questions related to their order directly from the person handling the social media account for their Shopify site. In addition, the Shopify site owner can directly invite their customers to check out related products on the website.

How Messengers for Shopify work?
Shopify has partnered with Facebook to use its messenger facility. That enables Shopify’s retail clients to create a Messenger profile to provide a live service to their customers. In addition, the Shopify site owners can use the chat window to send order confirmations, send push notifications or send an update about the order or shipping status.

At the time of checkout, shoppers who are logged in through their Facebook account can opt to get status updated regarding their product through Shopify messenger. After opting in for the option, they will automatically start to get updated about the shipping status and order details on their Facebook account. All other future updates are also sent through Shopify messenger.

How my business will grow using a Messenger?
Establishing a personal contact with the customers is an important aspect for the business owners to consider, to make their business grow. A happy and a satisfied customer helps create a good word of mouth for the business owner and his site.

Shopify messenger lets business owners achieve that same personal touch. Using the messenger facility, site owners can easily connect with their customers, address them by their names and offer them a personalized service in real-time. You can also choose to offer specific customers some great deals that bring them to your site time and again.

Soon, Facebook is expected to announce Bots for Messenger that will help automate some of the conversations between the customer and the site owner.

How to stay in touch with customers by using Messenger?
To stay in touch with your customers, first, start a conversing with them. Add the Messenger channel in Shopify and once you connect through your Facebook Business Page, the customers will be able to send you messages directly.

The Shopify user can use their Facebook page from either desktop or mobile phone app to respond to their customers or send them fresh messages. The messaging works just like the normal Facebook messenger and you can send messages like usual. Moreover, the conversations that you have with the customers are completely free.

Canva is a great way to give your social media page a boost with great graphics and infographics. What’s more, it does not require any designing skills at all. Canva lets you create cool and gorgeous infographics in absolutely no time. In addition to graphics and infographics, it also lets you create reports.


Canva has an added advantage over other software that lets you create graphics such as Adobe Photoshop. While the latter may seem intimidating for beginners or those with no designing skills, Canva is simple and easy to use.

Easy to Create Beautiful Graphics
Canva has thousands of ready to use templates and layouts available for the users to choose from. In addition, it lets users create their own custom templates. The drag and drop feature of the editor lets users create and design beautiful and stunning graphics.

Users can also store their brand color, fonts and logos on the editor. They can also show their work through Team Stream and share the graphics and photo folders with their team members.

Consistency is yet another aspect that must be taken into consideration while designing official graphics and infographics. Canva provides a platform that offers consistency across all infographics, marketing materials, presentation and social media posts.

Create Social Media Campaigns
You can start your own social media campaign for free using Canva. It can be used in case you are starting out with a marketing strategy for a new brand or if you want to re-design the existing social media strategy. Designing visual content using Canva is easy and it also helps create an online identity for the brand.

Creating engaging and interesting social media graphics as a part of a campaigning helps attract billions of social media users, that is, people who log on to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google+ and Instagram every day. You can not only leverage them to your business, but also drive your sales from them.

The social medial layouts offered by Canva can be used for social media campaigning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter. Hundreds of free layouts allow you to create stunning graphics for your social media campaign.

Customize Your Social Media Designs
Using Canva, you can easily redesign your social media designs, resize them, add new images or modify it as per the brand color. In addition, you can easily convert a Facebook post into a graphic, poster or an infographic with the help of Canva.

The social media design customization feature allows you to change the image, font, background or colors of the existing design. You can add flair to the text, change the color of the text boxes, choose from over 130 different fonts, upload your image or choose from a database of over 1 million photographs.

Now that you have gained knowledge of the three most important social media tools that you can integrate with your Shopify business marketing strategy, it is time for you to start applying them. It will let you find new opportunities for business growth and automate the ongoing marketing campaigns like a pro.