A Live Website Case Study Example for Increasing Traffic

Today’s case is devoted to the website promotion and films download, namely the Italian niche: film streaming.

This website is pretty young, less than 6 months old. The site contains more than 12000 pages, but its traffic was not big, 2000 – 2500 visitors per day.

Initial data
More than 12000 pages
Young domain, age is less than one year
Almost everything is a non-unique content
Poor link profile.
In general, key points are the following.

After careful analysis of the website in terms of internal factors, including careful analysis of main competitors, we decided to perform an internal optimization, i.e. to arrange site and then start with external factors. There is one staffed programmer in our team, who implemented all the recommendations quickly, and that guaranteed a rapid growth of the site for quite a short period of time. In other words, all the technical nuances were introduced to the website within 1-2 days.

What was done on the website
Complete change of the website structure
Selection of a big kernel of key words
Optimization of films, sections and genres pages
Uniqualization of site’s content
Distribution of weight on the site –script of internal linking
Sitemap, images map
Addition of social plugins.
So, let’s proceed to the internal optimization
We changed a whole structure of website
We increased a number of sections according to the key words
There were about 20 main sections, the website now contains more than 50.
Lists of top films
As a first step, we made a top-list of the most expensive films. Then configured its random output.

Nesting level became of the 3rd -4th and almost all the newest main sections were of 2nd nesting level, subsequently, it influenced the weight transfer and traffic growth on the website.

Selection of a big kernel of keywords
For this topic, an excellent traffic is provided by using top keywords. However, it’s not easy to get good positions in such search queries. From the beginning, we decided to shorten a tail of less popular search queries. As SEMrush shows there are more than 37 thousand keywords in the top.


In fact, if you estimate pages existing until today, more than 12 thousand + 3000 pages from the beginning of website promotion, you’ll see an increased number of search queries, but not all at once.

SEMrush, Google’s Keyword Planner were quite enough for the selection of keywords, namely we began with head queries:

Sorting from initial data

Top head queries and mid-queries
Long-tail queries
Super long-tail queries.
Furthermore, we performed a distribution on the site and optimized pages correspondingly.

Optimization of website pages
The most primary task consisted in unique character of film and genres descriptions, and we decided it in a pricy, but effective way, namely:

Permanent employment of copywriters and content writers
Rewriting of top pages of films, genres, and sections.
How we found freelancers
At first, we used such services as elance.com and others. However, the price asking for text writing was too high, and we wanted something inexpensive and great volume. We solved this problem accidentally. One our good friends gave us contact details of the Italians.

I don’t know exactly how many people performed this task, but in fact, they did it at a fast clip. All the texts were ready within 8 weeks. And this is more than 2 million words. They sent the fulfilled job 2-3 times per week and received payment after verification. At first, one content managers added all the pages, because one was not able to do such a volume. To the opinion of the majority, it is absurd to write a unique content for such a website, but as practical experience has shown, it is well-compensated in the future.


The following pages were optimized
Main page
Film pages (basic)
Section pages
Genres pages.
The page structure was made properly with adequate relink to the categories for similar films and genres. Besides, corresponding images for each page were added. ALT and Title tags were also linked for each image.

Other important aspects of pages optimization
The site title, Formulas of title generation were made for different types of pages. For example: Film streaming (film title) online and so on. I can not write the exact formula of the title generation because it is easy to find a site in the top page listings using it.

Site Description
We also worked at ‘Description’ a little bit and made it as one long sentence. In the H1 tags there are films and genres titles plus prefix according to the keywords. The H1 tags are now generated automatically for all pages, except for the main page, sections, and genres pages, according to the given generation formulas.

These are the key points which were considered for distribution of weight on the site and an added script for internal linking was used on the site.

Script Task
To distribute the priority queries on the site
Make nesting levels of the website, no more than 4th position in search results
Analyze traffic words linking to Google Analytics pulls data according to the traffic ranking
Insert words in the text boxes automatically (words close to top 5 provide traffic ranking)
Relink is made by the text links and is located in the text of the website, namely link to: film pages, articles pages of the site and other pages.
We also made sure many of the images are shown at the top of Google by using images to generate small direct traffic.

Addition of social plugins
From the beginning, we didn’t think that it gave results, but all of us knew that social factors influence the website promotion and we made social sharing buttons to repost content at the top of the site. We also included social sharing buttons with scrolling at each page.

In general, these are key points introduced to the website and while we were at it, we managed to tweak the following;

Removed page duplicates.
Removed duplicate urls
Changed server (relocate it to Italy, previously it was located in the USA).
Once all the onsite SEO work was complete we began its indexation. For the indexation we used the following:

the site was added to Google Webmaster (frequent indexation)
– social factors (tweets, likes, +1, there were quite a few)
– backlinks from blogs and theme-based websites.
Matering SEO Backlinks
As for backlinks, here is nothing out of the ordinary, namely:

Guest posts
Posting links directly through the webmasters
Social links
Posts from forums.
As it can be seen from the traffic growth, the site began to increase pretty soon. But it should be considered that this growth was preceded by two months of preparatory work.

Traffic Growth – Google Analytics screens.

The screenshot clearly shows the growth of the site. So internal optimization gives a normal payback, almost in one month after re-indexation there were almost 4000 unique visitors per day.

In this niche, there is a great potential for growth, so we keep on working. Besides, you can see the website traffic according to the search.

Currently, a small part of head queries are at the top, but as I said before, we keep working, and after six months traffic will be increased at least to 100-200%.