How does Google handle duplicate content

The world wide web is full of duplicate content from millions of web pages that are searchable. So what actually happens if you use something else that is already available on someone else’s website?

Google, actually looks for duplicate content and does something very clever. It groups the pages together but chooses 1 page to rank high in the search results. All other duplicate content will be available, but further down the search results.


The main reason why copying content from somewhere else and then using that as your own is simple. It does not add any value in the search result. This is why it’s important to be original and creative when producing your website.

When to use duplicate content

You can use duplicate content when you are referencing or sourcing information. This is fine. It’s also ok to use duplicate content on pages like terms and conditions, privacy, disclosure or cookie pages. Some of the pages that make up your website will never list high in search results. You don’t really want them to.

Imagine having a website that is full of duplicate content. Do you think this will rank at all in search result?

The main message here is not to waste your time putting together information that is widely available. Create exciting and engaging content that readers or visitors have never seen.