Webspam Content Violations


There are a number of ways to hinder your progress while trying to obtain a good presence online.

1. Syndicated content

If you start duplicating other people’s website content or maybe add content that has nothing to do with what you actual do as a company, just to add content volume. This actually adds no value to you website at all. Always try and add unique content to your website that connects what it is you do.

2. Affiliates

If your business model is based on an affiliate program, always keep your content original and unique to your website. Don’t copy and paste the information from the original website that is at the top of the program. Give people a reason to visit your website.

3. Doorway sites.

You may have ideas to create loads of different sites, targeting the same or relevant key search terms to try and increase your market reach through search results. You may think this will increase your overall sales? Having multiple sites with content that points to one site offering the same product can give your target market a bad user experience. This type of planning can have a really negative effect on your website and it may even be removed from search engines.