About Us

About Pecking SEO

Pecking SEO has been Written, developed and designed by leading search engine experts in the creative industry. We give out so much free SEO advice to our clients, that we decided to make things even easier. Imagine having an online education resource platform, regarding the subtle beauty of Organic SEO and marketing strategies for all young and dynamic business minds to learn from?


All the articles and advice, tips and tricks are free on Pecking SEO. However, if you would like some educational material to show employees, use as presentations, or maybe just sit up in bed at night having a good pounder? we offer that too. All our guides are a walkthrough, step by step, type write ups. This makes it impossible to get it wrong. “We hope”.

This SEO platform should save you a small fortune in SEO and also help you to understand what you are actually paying for is legit.

Our Business Model

  1. Give all our knowledge about SEO and Marketing away for FREE in the form of Articles, Blog posts, Graphics and Images.
  2. Offer a world-class service for all businesses looking for ‘content creation’ of a digital kind. This includes ArticlesImage CreationWeb DesignApps and anything else you can think of.
  3. Deliver SEO and Marketing content at an affordable price. This includes BooksListsgraphics and educational tools from our shop.
  4. Work with businesses all over the world to help produce relevant content for their digital presence. Search has changed, it’s all about offering content, that helps with organic link building.

Meet Mr Cluck, he’s a friendly type of chicken who likes to hang around and point to things to give you a little extra help. You might be able to click on him now and again for even more help. He has a few young chicklets running around the site as well. We hope they don’t get in the way of your learning. Mr Cluck will help you learn the pecking order system of those dreaded search engines. He will take you through everything you need to know about organic SEO and get you ahead of the pecking order.


What do you mean by Organic SEO? Organic SEO means you do everything naturally, the way it should be. Many big companies spend thousands of pounds every month trying to beat the search engine algorithm. We want to show you how to overcome all the SEO jargon so you can do everything yourself. Or if you need a company that can help you succeed in your areas of business, let us help