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SEO & Marketing Services

Touch Point Digital Marketing of New Orleans offers a number of professional services that will help move your online presence into the technological age of digital interaction and development. We can optimize, create and write content, use your product photography to design you something new or even build you a state of the art website.

Organic SEO Planning

Organic SEO is about optimizing your website content online, to help push your company ahead of the search pecking order.

Our initial short-term package, which is a one off payment, will get things off the ground. We can then look to start implementing a long-term strategy. But this is completely up to you. It may even be the case that the short-term initial overhaul is all you need to help position your company website against your competitors.


This checklist should give you an idea of what to expect.

Short term SEO goals – checklist

  • Revised check of your current website platform.
  • Add in any helpful plugins.
  • Site description and title check.
  • Keyword strategy.
  • Competition analysis.
  • Local or National target reach.
  • Website error checks.
  • Google analytics and webmaster tools implementation.
  • Google directory check.
  • Sitemap check.
  • Blog set up with keyword mapping. (Depends on the website content management system being used).
  • Full breakdown of work complete and positioning revised after 3 weeks.
  • Access to all paid content on this website.

Long term SEO goals – checklist

  • Revised market research and planning.
  • Keyword strategy.
  • Content delivery and category arrangement.
  • Inbound and outbound link analysis.
  • Indirect marketing strategy (if needed).
  • Relative marketing strategy.
  • Creating and networking to produce opportunities using Touch Point SEO techniques.
  • Full breakdown of work complete and positioning revised after 4 weeks.

Design & Marketing Package

Touch Point SEO has over 7 years design and content creation experience. We can also help you with the following;


  • Articles, blog posts or news, written for content.
  • Banner (website slider and image creation).
  • New website design and build.
  • Logo design and branding.
  • Marketing material specific to your needs.

From: Depends on brief, quote provided.

Social Media Pack

Social media can have an impact with your marketing and SEO strategy. But this is not an easy road. We can show you learned techniques to help improve your target audience and push you in the right direction.


What we can look at.

  • Set up of chosen social networks.
  • Trend report relevant to your business.
  • Advertising set up using social networking tools.
  • Proven tips and tricks shown to you, so you can gain more followers and likes.
  • Content posting with #hashtag revision.
  • Marketing material creation.
  • Link icons on your website to point at the social profiles you are using.
  • Facebook shop integration.
  • Email setup and email design and build.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Using a PPC campaign comes with a budget. You pay per click. it’s that simple. If you use search engines to place your ads at targeted users, expect to have a budget in mind where you can pay daily. You can expect a return on this, but keep your expectations low to start. Our guideline is a 1%+ return on the click rate from PPC. It can be a gamble and you may not receive any return.


What we can do for you.

  • We research your intended audience so they find you at the precise moment they need your services.
  • We analyze your competition and push forward a strategy to compete with them.
  • We aim to provide more traffic to your website.
  • A selection of keywords are revised for cost effective results.
  • You have access to any results or data, so you can see the feedback yourself.
  • Remember, we are setting everything up for you and managing it. The search engines place the ads around different websites for you.
  • We can create all the artwork for image banners needed for your campaign.

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