Write For Us

Write for us

Would you like to submit an article about SEO or marketing and make it easy for anyone to understand SEO? Have your say on PeckingSEO. If you work in the world of SEO and Marketing, We would love to hear from you.

Our guidelines are simple. Keep it related, helpful and proofread your work. Don’t add links pointing to products or unrelative pages. Outbound links should be useful and help the content of the article, summary:

  • Make sure it’s unique content (We can check this very easy)
  • Place one or two relative links in your content if you want. (Anything that is not relative to the article will be taken out)
  • Supply a short bio
  • Include social links and your personal website link (optional)
  • Your picture will be pulled in via the email address you contat us on, so link it to your gravatar account
  • Make sure to check the article for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Has the article already been covered on this website? If it has, please come up with a different article idea.


  • Send us an email highlighting your credentials and then asking us for title ideas – your email will be deleted.
  • Send us unrelated content.
  • Send in content that already exists on the website.
  • Ask us several times if we want to publish your infographic, PLEASE! get control of yourself.
  • Send us emails like this “I really like your blog and noticed that you accept guest posts and wondered if you’d be open to accepting one from me?….. yada yada yada!” Just send us in a well-considered article for our team to read. We know what to do from here.
  • Sending in complete nonsense that is not helpful to anyone with your link on it, trying for a link back. We put your company link in your BIO